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image: 2 of 11 | Six months on, much of Minami-sanriku still lies in ruins. While most of the world's media's attention has turned to fresher news, the struggles of the people in Minami-sanriku, one of the many towns affected by the earthquake and tsunami, remain the same: to clear the debris, and to rebuild their lives.
image: 3 of 11 | New utility poles bring much-needed power and communications to the beleaguered townspeople and volunteers.
image: 4 of 11 | For much of the town, only foundations where buildings used to stand.
image: 5 of 11 | A fishing boat comes to rest on the streets inundated by sea water everyday at high tide.
image: 6 of 11 | A car is left on the hills surrounding Minami-sanriku.
image: 7 of 11 | Destroyed vehicles are piled up along the sides of the roads awaiting transportation to the scrapyard.
image: 8 of 11 | The skeletal remains of buildings are home only to crows and other scavengers.
image: 9 of 11 | A stop line doesn't stop the tide in Minami-sanriku. The intersection is about 200 metres from the shore.
image: 10 of 11 | The disaster management centre in the middle of downtown Minami-sanriku. It was here that Endo Miki spent the last moments of her life broadcasting tsunami warnings to the town over the public broadcast system.
image: 11 of 11 | A crow perches on a tree overlooking downtown Minami-sanriku, where only four buildings remain standing.